Bayou Teche Black Bear Festival - Franklin, Louisiana


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Bear-Y Patch Educational Area

Louisiana black bears are an integral part of the natural heritage of the bottomland hardwood forests and swamps of the lower Mississippi River Alluvial Valley. Prior to human settlement, bears thrived throughout the region, but probably reached their highest population densities in the low lying bottomlands so common along the coast and in the Atchafalaya and other river basin floodplains.

The Bear-Y Patch is a family oriented environmental education area, with an emphasis on interactive exhibits, activities and presentations for both adults and children. While the overall festival theme is the Louisiana black bear, the Bear-Y Patch incorporates more than just bears, hosting exhibits related to many other components of Louisiana's rich natural and cultural history.

The Bear-Y Patch is a great place for families and anyone else interested in the outdoors to come and learn about our unique Louisiana wildlife and habitat types. Open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday- April 13th, this part of the festival emphasizes learning about our environment while having a good time. There will be interesting information for both adults and children, with plenty of interactive programs for children. Come see the abundance of information about bears and their coastal habitats, and participate in the "Be-A-Bear" obstacle course.

The Bear-Y Patch will be hosted by the Bayou Teche Black Bear Festival Committee and the Black Bear Conflict Office of St. Mary Parish. These coordinators are hoping you will become an interactive participant. It is a great opportunity to share your program and outreach activities with children and adults interested in learning more about this wonderful place we all call home, our great State of Louisiana.